Unpublished Maggie Winners

2017 Unpublished Maggie Award for Excellence


Contemporary Short Romance

Maggie Awardee*Tanya Agler, A Pinch of Cinnamon***

2nd Place – Roxann Pearson, Add One Cowboy, Then Stir***

3rd Place – Brenda Davis writing as Elsie Davis, Treehouse Tryst***

Honorable Mention *Tanya Agler, Stealing Her Heart

Honorable Mention *Becke Turner, Home to Stay


Contemporary Single Title Romance

Maggie Awardee – Janet Walden-West, Island Time***

2nd Place *Tanya Agler, Mistletoe Misgivings***

3rd Place *Becke Turner, A Risk Worth Taking

Honorable Mention – C.R. Grissom, Mouthful

Honorable Mention – Ainsley Wynter, Trouble With Me


Historical Romance

Maggie Awardee*Jeanine Englert, Against the Tide***

2nd Place – Elizabeth Everett, The Rescue of Lord Granger

3rd Place *Jeanine Englert, Love’s Redemption

Honorable Mention – Isabel Bloom, Beauty and the Botanist

Honorable Mention – Elizabeth Everett, The Seduction of Mrs. Smith


Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance

Maggie Awardee*Linda Strother, Unbound Woman***

2nd Place*Terra Weiss, Wingmom

3rd Place  – *Brenda Lowder, Keeping the Piece

Honorable Mention *Terra Weiss, Wingmom Goes Hollywood

Honorable Mention – Sandy Rhodes, Heartbeats of Home


Paranormal / Fantasy Romance

Maggie Awardee – Lisa M. Knight, Praetorian Rising***

2nd Place – Alexia Chantel, Awakening the Blades

3rd Place  – *Heather Leonard, Bless Your Heart and Other Southern Curses

Honorable Mention *Ison Hill, Through Time

Honorable Mention – Chelly Pike, The Gilded Throne of Blood and Bone


Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements

Maggie Awardee – Amy Grochowski, Second Chance Love

2nd Place – Jessie Gussman, What He Wants

3rd Place  – Laura Conner Kestner, Fair Haven

Honorable Mention – Jessie Gussman, Just Jump

Honorable Mention – Robyn Hook, Take Two on Love


Romantic Suspense

Maggie Awardee – Tricia Tyler, Dark Water***

2nd Place – Meta Carroll, Semper Fi

3rd Place  – Terra Weiss,* Labor of Lies

Honorable Mention – Jeanine Englert,* Lovely Digits

Honorable Mention – Lisa Malice,* Lost and Found


Young Adult Romance

Maggie Awardee – Ann Thurber, Oxford Comma***

2nd Place – Gregory Henry, Prisoner’s Poison

3rd Place  – Lani Forbes, The Seventh Sun


*Denotes a Georgia Romance Writers member

***Received a full request from an editor final judge

wDenotes a smaller category due to number of entrants (per the GRW Board)