Maggie Score Sheets

By signing up to judge the Maggie Awards Contest (published and unpublished), I attest that:

  • I accept my responsibilities to complete my judging assignment in a timely manner, reporting scores on or before the deadline.
  • I understand that all aspects of the judging process must remain confidential and agree to refrain from discussing my assigned books in any forum, public or private.
  • I understand I will refrain from identifying myself as a Maggie judge and posting a review for a book I was assigned as a Maggie judge in any forum, public or private.
  • A work shall be judged by the standards of the category in which it is entered without regard to the standards of other categories for which it may qualify.
  • If I am unable to fulfill my judging assignment, I will contact the Maggie Contest Coordinator immediately.

 Scoring Sheets

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this contest. We couldn’t do it without you! Below you’ll find the links to your score sheet. You fill out one sheet for each entry. Please carefully check your Judge ID# and the Entry ID# before submitting. Thank you again!


Published Maggie Awards Judge Sheet
For Librarians & Booksellers

Unpublished Maggie Awards Judge Sheet
For Published Authors