Maggie Finalists

2017 Unpublished Maggie Award for Excellence Finalists

(Finalists listed in alphabetical order)


Contemporary Short Romance

Tanya Agler, A Pinch of Cinnamon

Tanya Agler, Stealing Her Heart

Elsie Davis, Treehouse Tryst

Roxann Pearson, Add One Cowboy, Then Stir

Becke Turner, Home to Stay


Contemporary Single Title Romance

Tanya Agler, Mistletoe Misgivings

C.R. Grissom, Mouthful

Becke Turner, A Risk Worth Taking

Janet Walden-West, Island Time

Ainsley Wynter, Trouble With Me


Historical Romance

Isabel Bloom, Beauty and the Botanist

Jeanine Englert, Against the Tide

Jeanine Englert, Love’s Redemption

Elizabeth Everett, The Rescue of Lord Granger

Elizabeth Everett, The Seduction of Mrs. Smith


Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance

Brenda Lowder, Keeping the Piece

Sandy Rhodes, Heartbeats of Home

Linda Strother, Unbound Woman

Terra Weiss, Wingmom

Terra Weiss, Wingmom Goes Hollywood


Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Alexia Chantel, Awakening the Blades

Ison Hill, Through Time

Lisa Knight, Praetorian Rising

Heather Leonard, Bless Your Heart and Other Southern Curses

Chelly Pike, The Gilded Throne of Blood and Bone


Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements

Amy Grochowski, Second Chance Love

Jessie Gussman, Just Jump

Jessie Gussman, What He Wants

Robyn Hook, Take Two on Love

Laura Conner Kestner, Fair Haven

Romance Suspense

Meta Carroll, Semper Fi

Jeanine Englert, Lovely Digits

Lisa Malice, Lost and Found

Tricia Tyler, Dark Water

Terra Weiss, Labor of Lies


Young Adult Romance*

Lani Forbes, The Seventh Sun

Gregory Henry, Prisoner’s Poison

Ann Thurber, Oxford Comma

* Denotes a smaller category due to number of entrants per GRW Board.

2017 Published Maggie Award for Excellence Finalists

(Finalists listed in alphabetical order)


Contemporary Short Romance

Susan Carlisle, The Doctor’s Sleigh Bell Proposal

Editor: Pippa Roscoe, Publisher: Harlequin

Rina Gray, It’s Been You

Editor: Jessica Verdi, Publisher: Crimson Romance/Simon & Schuster

Ciara Knight, In All My Life

Editors: Cora Artz and Emily Sewell, Publisher: Self-Published

Beverly Long, Deep Secrets

Editor: Allison Lyons, Publisher: Harlequin

Sandra McGregor, Southern Roads: Baby, No Baby

Editor: Latoya Smith, Publisher: Amazon-Kindle World


Contemporary Single Title Romance

Lynnette Austin, Every Bride Has Her Day

Editor: Deb Werksman, Publisher: Sourcebooks

Nancy Herkness, The All-Star Antes Up

Editor: Maria Gomez, Publisher: Montlake Romance

Virginia Kantra, Carolina Dreaming

Editor: Cindy Hwang, Publisher: Berkley

Claire McEwen, Return to Marker Ranch

Editor: Karen Reid, Publisher: Harlequin

Laura Trentham, Till I Kissed You

Editor: Eileen Rothschild, Publisher: St. Martin’s Press


Historical Romance

Nicole Elizabeth Kelleher, Wild Lavender

Editor: Randall Klein, Publisher: Diversion Books

Vickie King, Ethan’s Heart

Editor: Kellie Sharpe, Publisher: Salt Run Publishing LLC

Margaret Mallory, Claimed by a Highlander

Editor: Jessa Slade, Publisher: Margaret Mallory

Cindy Nord, An Unlikely Hero

Editor: Cindy Nord, Publisher: Self-Published

Joanna Shupe, Magnate

Editor: Peter Senftleben, Publisher: Kensington

Mainstream Fiction with a Central Romance

Rosie Dean, Gigi’s Island Dream

Editor: Self-Published, Publisher: RD Publishing

Sally Kilpatrick, Better Get to Livin’

Editor: Peter Senftleben, Publisher: Kensington

Sandy Parks, Off the Chart

Editor: Sara Brady, Publisher: True Airspeed Press

Susannah Sandlin, Wild Man’s Curse

Editor: Christopher Werner, Publisher: Montlake Romance

Susan Sey, Discover Me and You

Editor: Inara Scott, Publisher: Third Girl Publishing, Inc.

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

C.E. Black, Behind the Mask

Editor: Gwen Knight, Publisher: C.E. Black

Cara Crescent, The Beacon

Editor: Dorrie O’Brien, Publisher: Self-Published

Kathy Lyons, For the Bear’s Eyes Only

Editor: Amy Pierpont / Caroline Acebo, Publisher: Hachette / Forever Yours

Kathy Lyons, The Bear Who Loved Me

Editors: Amy Pierpont / Caroline Acebo, Publisher: Hachette / Forever Yours

Nadine Mutas, To Win A Demon’s Love

Editor: Faith Freewoman, Publisher: Nadine Mutas

Romance with Religious or Spiritual Elements

Laurel Blount, A Family for the Farmer

Editor: Giselle Regus, Publisher: Harlequin/Love Inspired

Ruth Logan Herne, Home on the Range

Editor: Shannon Marchese, Publisher: Waterbrook Press

Myra Johnson, Castles in the Clouds

Editor: Ericka McIntyre, Publisher: Franciscan Media

Deb Kastner, The Cowboy’s Twins

Editor: Elizabeth Mazer, Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired

Deborah Raney, Close To Home

Editor: Jamie Chavez, Publisher: Abingdon Press

Romantic Novella

Cecilia Dominic, Noble Secrets

Editor: Holly Atkinson, Publisher: Random Oenophile Enterprises

Debra Jess, A Secret Rose

Editor: Debra Doyle, Publisher: Debra Jess, Corp.

Kathy Lyons, Stone Men: Rock Hard

Editor: Gayle Evers, Publisher: ePublishingWorks

Krystal Shannan and Camryn Rhys, To Find a Mate

Editor: CA Szarek, Publisher: Moonbound Books

Aubrey Wynne, Paper Love

Editor: The Editing Hall; Sherry Merry, Publisher: Plato Publishing


Romantic Suspense

Cate Beauman, Deceiving Bella (tie)

Editor: Jennifer Stimson, Publisher: Cate Beauman

Cate Beauman, Finding Lyla

Editor: Liam Carnahan, Publisher: Cate Beauman


Kel O’Connor, Broken Bits

Editor: Lauren Plude, Publisher: Self-Published

Katie Reus, A Covert Affair (tie)

Editor: Danielle Perez, Publisher: KR Press, LLC


Tiffany Snow, Follow Me

Editor: Maria Gomez, Publisher: Montlake Romance

Tara Wyatt, Necessary Risk

Editors: Lauren Plude and Alex Logan, Publisher: Forever


Young Adult Romance

Tricia Cerrone, Glisten

Editor: Janet Maarschalk, Publisher: Stone Media, Inc.

Kathleen Glasgow, Girl In Pieces

Editor: Krista Marino, Publisher: Delacorte Press

Christie J. Whitney, Shadow

Editor: Rachel Winterbottom, Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Darcy Woods, Summer of Supernovas

Editor: Emily Easton, Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers

Nicola Yoon, The Sun Is Also A Star

Editor: Wendy Loggia, Publisher: Delacorte Press