The Maggies

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The Maggie Award for Excellence has been given out by Georgia Romance Writers for over three decades. It is a highly respected award in the writing community.

2015 Published Maggie Awards

Have your book judged by three booksellers and/or librarians. Tons of books pass through their hands and they know their stuff.

Traditional and Independent published authors welcomed alike. Your book must have a publication date of 2014 and you must be able to provide four bound, print copies.

Published Maggie Contest NOW OPEN!

Deadline: April 2, 2015

Published Maggie Rules

Published Maggie Entry Form

2015 Unpublished Maggie Awards

Have the first few chapters and synopsis of your manuscript judged and critiqued by three published authors. The Finalists – top five – of each category will be sent out to an editor for final judgment.

NOTE:  If you are a published author, either traditional or self-published, with a book out of more than 40,000 words or more, you are ineligible for the Unpublished Maggies.

Unpublished Maggie Contest NOW OPEN!
Deadline:  April 30, 2015 by 10 p.m. (EDT)

Unpublished Maggie Rules

Unpublished Maggie Entry Form

Categories and Final Round Judges for Unpublished Maggies

 Single Title Romance

Madeleine Colavita

Editorial Assistant, Grand Central Publishing

Contemporary Category Romance

Ann Leslie Tuttle

Senior Editor, Harlequin

Inspirational Romance

Stephanie Broene

Senior Acquisitions Editor, Tyndale

Historical Romance

Gabrielle Keck

Editor, Avon

Paranormal Romance

Rose Hilliard

Editor, St. Martin’s Press

Young Adult

Candace Havens

Editorial Director, Entangled Publishing

Novel with Strong Romantic Elements

Sarah Murphy

Editor, Ballantine Bantam Dell

Erotic Romance

S.N. Graves

Senior Editor, LooseId