How to Become a PRO

In order to become PRO you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • You are not PAN-eligible.
  • You have completed a single romance novel of 40, 000 words or more not including short stories, poetry or novellas.
  • You have submitted your work to a literary agent or a non-Subsidy/non-Vanity romance publisher.

Once you have determined that you have met that criteria, you need to

  1. Go to the RWA website and print out an application
  2. Mail completed application, a copy of your completed manuscript (paper or CD), and one of the following:
  • Electronic or paper copy of correspondence from any RWA-eligible agent or a non-Subsidy/non-Vanity publisher that acknowledges they received your work or reviewed it.
  • A copy of the signature page of a contract for the sale of a romantic work that would not make you PAN-eligible.
  • OR proof that you mailed your manuscript with the addressee indicated.

All materials are mailed to:

Romance Writers of America
14615 Benfer Road
Houston, TX 77069

Or fax to 832-717-5201

If you have a question you can also call the National Office at 832-717-5200 or contact your GRW pro liaison at

Would you like to get more information straight from the horse’s mouth? A great deal of this information was either quoted from or paraphrased from the RWA web site.