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Mary Kay Andrews

Sheila Athens – Cavemen, Karma, and Creativity: Mining What’s Already Inside You For Stories That Sell

Anna DeStefano – Live Your Story: Commit to Getting Intimate With Your Story

Lynn Cullen – Bringing History to Life with Literature

Anne Bartolucci – Overcoming Procrastination

Patti Callahan Henry – First Things First: What Really Matters with your Writing

Noelle Pierce – How to DIY Your Book Cover

Tami Cowden – Character Archetypes

Natasha Boyd – 3-2-1 Launch: How to Give Your Book the Best Chance at a Successful Liftoff

Ciara Knight – Demystifying Self-Publishing

Karen White – How I Became an Overnight Success *cough*

Piper Huguley – Make a Way When There’s No Way: Creating Your Own Niche in an Ever-Changing Publishing Market

Tanya Michaels – Is It Hot In Here? Creating H.E.A.T Between Your Characters

Nicki Salcedo – Create Your Own Adventure

Stephanie Bond, Sean Fitzgerald, Sally Kilpatrick, and Walt Mussell – Introduction to Kindle Worlds

Virginia Kantra – Deep POV Master Class: I’ve Got You Under My Skin