April 18 – Annual All-Day Workshop

Workshop presenter: Tami Cowden

9 AM – 4:30 PM

Payment is due in advance. Payment deadline: April 14, 2015

$59.00 GRW Members

$69.00 Non-GRW Members

Breakfast and lunch are included

Workshop topics:

The Men We Love:The Eight Hero Archetypes

The Women We Want to Be: The Eight Heroine Archetypes

From Lust to Love – Achieving Believable Romantic Resolution

Putting Personality on the Page – Four Steps to Conveying Character

Speak Out: Using speaking engagements and workshops as promotional opportunities

For details, including topic descriptions and payment options, please see our April Meeting page.

All meetings held at:

Atlanta Marriott Northwest at Galleria
200 Interstate N Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 952-7900



March 21 – Gin Ellis Critique and Noelle Pierce

What You Need to Know to DIY Your Book Cover

The book publishing process is an exciting, fascinating venture and the ease of technology has helped authors self-publish like never before. But self-publishing has a bad reputation from authors who did things too quickly, skipping important steps like hiring an editor or purchasing a stock photo. The first thing people see when they look for books is the cover. And a DIY cover is usually easy to spot because few authors have the design knowledge to make a professional-looking book cover.

This workshop is designed to teach you the essential parts of a cover–yes, it’s more than just an image–so that if you decide to make your book cover yourself, it looks professional. You’ll get tips on choosing the right image, the right colors and, something a lot of authors overlook, the right font. You’ll get to see how image, color, and font work together to create a cover that tells a story without getting cluttered. Finally, you’ll see what NOT to do, and why.

Noelle Pierce B&WNoelle Pierce has always been fascinated by art in both its visual and written forms. An avid reader, she believes a cover should convey a sense of the book’s tone, genre, and a hint (or more) of the story. As an artist, she’s drawn to covers with bold colors and high contrast. Minimal imagery, high impact. Covers that make you think, but still give a significant idea of what you’re about to read. 

By day, Noelle Pierce is a freelance digital artist and psychology professor. By night, she…sleeps. And occasionally dreams of long ago worlds of high society and scandalous secrets. Or modern day worlds with a touch of paranormal and a whole lotta heat. No matter what, though, the happily ever after reigns supreme.

You can find her at selestieledesigns.com (art), noellepierce.com (writing), or on Facebook.

The Virginia Ellis Critique Workshop will immediately follow the business meeting. Would you like to know more about Gin Ellis? Read the tribute Nancy Knight wrote for the 2009 March/April edition of the Galley.


Members and guests must be 18 years or older to attend. 

Meeting cost: $15 (cash or check) at the door

Meeting Schedule:

9:00-10:00 Breakfast and Networking

10:00-11:00 Featured Speaker

11:00-12:00 Book signing/Business Meeting

Meeting Location:

Atlanta Marriott Northwest at Galleria
200 Interstate N Pkwy SE
Atlanta, GA 30339
(770) 952-7900