GRW Board – 2019


President: Tanya Agler
Vice President-Programs: Tracy Solheim
Secretary: Brenda Lowder
Director of Communications: Sharina Harris
Treasurer: Kerrie Turner
Director of Membership: Sherrie Lea Morgan
Director of Conference: Tyra Burton
Director of Awards Terra Weiss
Galley Editor: Deborah Reece
Historian: TBA
Hospitality Chair: TBA
PRO Liaison: Tiffany Griffith
PAN Liaison: Kim Turner
Web Administrator: Bryonna Nobles



If you have any questions, and are unsure which Board member to email, please use General Information.

Board meeting minutes can be found on the myRWA Forum

If you are interested in a board position please contact the President to have your name submitted to the Nominations Committee. Board elections are held in the fall.

Mailing address:

PO Box 1011
Hiram, GA 30141-9998

Section 512(c) of the DMCA provides a safe harbor for online service providers from liability based on copyright-infringing activities of users or third parties. In compliance with this section, GRW’s designated agent for this provision is Tanya Agler, the 2017 Vice President of Programs. Any questions can be directed about this can be directed to her at