GRW Board


President: Sally Kilpatrick
Vice President-Programs: Terry Poca
Recording Secretary: Elizabeth Reece
Correspondence Secretary: Tyra Anne Burton
Treasurer: Sharon Cooper
Membership Chair: Wendy McCall
Conference Chair: Noelle Pierce
Maggie Chair: Bryonna Nobles
Galley Editor: Maggie Montgomery
Historian: Tanya Agler
PRO Liaison: Tamara DeStefano
GRAN Liaison: Haywood Smith
GSPAN Liaison: Elaine Calloway
PAL Coordinator: Nicki Salcedo
Web Administrator: Noelle Pierce

If you have any questions for a Board member, please send an email to General Information.

Board meeting minutes can be found on the Forum
If you are interested in a board position please contact the President to have your name submitted to the Nominations Committee. Board elections are held in the fall.