January 16 – Kindle Worlds Panel

Join Stephanie Bond, Sean Fitzgerald, Sally Kilpatrick, and Walt Mussell as they Talk Kindle Worlds!

Learn about all the opportunities available through Amazon’s Kindle Worlds from author Stephanie Bond, Amazon Senior Author Acquisitions Manager Sean Fitzgerald, and writers Sally KIpatrick and Walt Mussell. Jumpstart your new year goals with practical advice from a prolific author, writing opportunities from an Amazon insider, and inspiration from a couple of authors who’ve already taken the Kindle Worlds plunge.


bondStephanie Bond was seven years deep into a systems engineering career and pursuing an MBA at night when an instructor remarked that she had a flair for writing and suggested that she submit to academic journals. But Stephanie, a voracious reader, was only interested in writing fiction–more specifically, romantic fiction. Upon completing her master’s degree and with no formal training in writing (her undergraduate degree is in computer programming), she started writing a romance novel in her spare time. Two years later in 1995 she sold her first manuscript, a romantic comedy, to Harlequin Books. In 1997, with ten sales under her belt to two publishers, Stephanie left her corporate job to write fiction full-time.  She went on to write romance and mystery novels for Random House, St. Martin’s Press, and HarperCollins.  In 2011, Stephanie launched a self-publishing business.  Since that time, she has sold more than 1 million copies of her own books.  To-date, Stephanie has published over 70 novels and has over 6 million copies of her work in worldwide distribution in numerous languages and formats.


kindleSean Fitzgerald is the Author Acquisitions Manager for Kindle Worlds, a new and unique publishing platform that allows any author to immerse themselves in and publish works inspired by a canon of known brands that are licensed by Amazon Publishing–known as fan fiction in the publishing industry.


Sally-Headshot-2-1Sally Kilpatrick is the author of The Happy Hour Choir and Bittersweet Creek, two novels being published by Kensington Books in 2015. A member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) since 2001, Sally has also served as president of Georgia Romance Writers. She has also written a Kindle Worlds novella for Stephanie Bond’s Body Movers series, A Day Late and a Dollar Short. Sally lives with her husband and two children in Marietta, Ga., a suburb of Atlanta. Visit her author website at sallykilpatrick.com.


mussellWalt Mussell lives in an Atlanta-area suburb with his wife and their two boys. He works for a well-known corporation and writes in his spare time.  Walt primarily writes historicals, with a particular focus on Japan, an interest he gained during the four years he lived there. He refers to his work as “Like Shogun, but the heroine survives.” Outside of writing, his favorite activity is trying to keep up with his kids. As they are both teenagers, this is proving more difficult each day. Visit his website “Daddy Needs Decaf” at waltmussell.blogspot.com